Heavens Gate Audio - more than just audio cables!  


Since 1994 Heavens Gate Audio has the goal to manufacture the finest audio cables in order to meet the highest expectations of the even most demanding recording studios around the world. Today Heavens Gate Audio is one of the leading companies for high technology cable systems and accurate music recordings.

For the most demanding music lover, Heavens Gate Audio offers a series of high performance audio cables able to breathe unexpected life into your music. Connecting two audio components using one of our products is always a step into the right direction:

Performance without limitations!

We believe that the enjoyment of the finer things in life are the fruits and guerdons of hard work.
Such things should be cherished and accessible by as many people as possible. The enjoyment of listening to music and watching films at home are at the top of our list for extraordinary pleasures and give most of us a much needed escape from our everyday lives.

Listening to high-performance audio systems let legends arise back to life. Recordings by Elvis Presley, the Beatles or other famous artists will fill your living room with the spirit of music which is lost for the stages of the world.

Heavens Gate Audio offers products that preserve such wonderful moments with the highest level of performance and the greatest value possible. It is our mission to make these wonderful products available to the serious music enthusiasts around the world.

At Heavens Gate Audio every single product is manufactured by hand in Germany and every single product is individually tested.

Heavens Gate Audio cables are designed to out perform any other audio cable of equal value. However, the personal taste of the listener is something we cannot involve in the development of our products.

We have done our job! Now it's time for you to enjoy...