4. Why are some of your cables so expensive?

While all materials we use in Heavens Gate Audio cables are incontestable the best money can buy, it's not only what's in them— that makes them costly.

Many cable manufacturers use "rolled materials" to build their products. Some of them simply modify mass-made spooled cable with their own connectors. Others incorporate resistors, capacitors, or coils to alter the frequencies of their products.

While these approaches work to a certain degree, each possesses it's own set of limitations. Heavens Gate Audio cables do not rely on pre-manufactured designs nor on additives or synthetics to achieve “pure” sound. The secret is in the design itself. All Heavens Gate Audio cables employs the circuitry of a Passive Network that is build by using a very complex hand-made conductor alignment in combination with an unconventional use of silver shielding.

Every Heavens Gate Audio cable is individually handcrafted in Germany and not machine manufactured. In addition, Heavens Gate Audio offers a life-time and transferrable warranty to registered owners.

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