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Mark Dosner, Belgium
"What an amazing view straight into the music! What a monumental sense of space and what an extreme precision in placing width and depth. And what a dynamic! The music feels amazingly free from noise and physical limitations. The Ultra Silence MK II Interconnect is the best I've ever heard!"

Bob Miller, London - England
"Music becomes surprisingly alive and nautral, not only in the usual upper-midrange and treble range, but also in the upper-bass range. I believe that the feeling of naturalness and presence is mostly due to the extreme speed and dynamic of sound. The Ultra Extreme A/C is a clear winner."

Laurent Perraux - Nice, France
"What did the Ultra Extreme power cord to my system? It brought out detail, filled out textures and gave me more to listen to. The word "coherence" kept coming up. I am much more involved with the music and never want to go back to the power cord I used before. I never expected so much performance from a power cable. Thank you Heavens Gate Audio."

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