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W. Wurzel, Germany

Dear Mr. Kraemer,

I... am... speechless!

The first unit I tried the Ultra Supreme A/C was my Jadis CD-Player, because some time ago I borrowed a HMS Grand Finale and I knew that the difference would be easiest to notice here.

After a short break-in period (I enjoyed my dinner) I started with one of my favorite CD's: Donald Fagon: Morth the Cat. From the beginning I realized a very powerfull, clean, deep and controlled bass that I have never heard from my system before - I was shocked...

And as you've mentioned on the phone before: dynamic, attack and soundstage improved dramatically!

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!    This cable just just blew me away!

Now I am interested in a complete set up with your a/c cables and your interconnects...

Thank you and best regards
W. Wurzel

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